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Why Choose Us?

When you hire a managed IT services provider is never an easy decision. You are trusting an essential aspect of your business to someone outside your company, and the responsibilities they have are tremendous. They are a provider of technology that will help your business grow and advance. As the protector of your critical business data and customer information, they will keep your business up and running even in the face of disaster.

When you choose SNC to manage your IT, you hire a managed services provider that understands your business, your staff, and your short and long-term goals. We take the time to get to know you and establish a lasting business partnership. This is how we provide value to all of our clients. We approach every situation with your best interests in mind by offering the best-fit solutions customized to your unique needs.

The SNC Difference

  • Our People – With decades of combined experience and training, our staff of IT experts are well equipped to provide best-fit IT solutions to your business.
  • Our Processes – We have streamlined many complex processes and can outperform our competition with unique and proven approaches to any situation.
  • Our Tools – Only the highest-rated, most trusted, and best functioning tools are used in our solutions, which eliminates a majority of common issues faced by others on a regular basis.

Integrity, service, intelligence.

SNC lets you concentrate on your core business instead of your IT.

Custom Solutions For Your Business

Our Managed Services Solution provides support, management, and strategic guidance in four areas:

  1. PC management
  2. server management
  3. network management
  4. executive IT management

Each managed services engagement begins with a thorough IT assessment focused on understanding the “lay of the land” and how your current technology is being utilized within the organization.

While you focus on your core business, SNC provides you with an “Enterprise Level”​ IT department for less than it would cost you to manage your IT in-house. We give you access to a comprehensive suite of tools and processes that normally have been available only to large corporations. SNC will identify and effectively manage your day-to-day IT needs while we provide strategic guidance to make sure you get the most from your IT investments.

Our engineers use automated tools, remote support, thorough documentation and extensive, real-world experience to solve problems quickly and cost-effectively. They handle routine maintenance proactively and responsibly and are also qualified to address all of the IT needs of small to midsize businesses.

The result is a disciplined approach that ensures your IT infrastructure is properly maintained and ready to meet your business requirements.

Choose SNC as your trusted managed services provider. We put the goals of your business first, we know our stuff, and we care deeply about the success of your business.