Give your employees the power to communicate through the telecom solutions offered by  SNC.

Merging voice and data over a single Internet connection has forever changed the way businesses communicate. SNC can help you implement this powerful business tool regardless of your business’s size or industry.

With high-quality phone services, the possibilities are endless.

Communication is key to running a business, and one of the universal aspects of business communication is quality phone services. Phone service is important to all businesses because customers will still use it to call to inquire about services, products, and business hours. But these days business owners are finding that business telecom is different than the services they would get for their homes.

Know Your Options

  • Conventional PBX - Traditional telephone technology is still out there. These systems use traditional phone lines and have equipment that is usually owned and maintained by your phone company. These tend to be with older, larger companies and while they can be useful for small businesses and startups, there is better technology that can provide the same quality at a scalable price.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) - Since your business is going to have its own internet connection, why not use it to provide your phone system too? VoIP not only sports all the features of a PBX including extensions with transfers and direct internal dialing, but it can be customized with more or fewer features to meet your business’s needs. This technology has been available for decades but has had issues catching on due to poor call quality and dropped connections. Today’s hardware is more robust

All businesses are different and SNC can provide your business with the perfect VoIP telecom solution. The key is finding a scalable solution that combines quality service with dependable hardware so that your phone systems can match your business needs at any given moment. Today’s hardware and software options allow you to create a phone network that allows your workforce to communicate easily, set up dedicated hotlines, and interface with employee devices.

SNC provides a full range of high-quality business telecommunications devices at prices that are friendly to any budget. Our solutions will allow you to reduce the cost of your phone services with a minimum of interruptions. In fact, we can make sure your business keeps its current phone number.

Our Partners

SNC is proud to partner with industry leaders to provide your business with quality telecommunications equipment:


Logix hosted PBX technology provides small and medium sized businesses with a sophisticated telephone system while minimizing capital investment. The Logix hosted PBX solution provides dozens of features and works seamlessly with your internet or fiber connection using the most advanced VOIP technology with crystal clear voice.


Intermedia’s cloud-based business phone systems offer reliable, enterprise-grade calling features that is manageable from a web-based dashboard. This option is easy to monitor and scale and is fully compatible with Office 365.


Jive’s cloud based VoIP service helps thousands of organizations simplify how they manage their phone and conferencing setup.

Jive Voice is a cloud-based PBX phone system that combines traditional PBX hardware and service into a single hosted solution. It offers all of the advanced features of an enterprise PBX system with over 80 Hosted VoIP features.