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Get wired for the future of your business.

What Is Structured Cabling?

Behind the walls in your office is a complex network of cables. How they are organized and managed is important to how efficient your network operates. Structured cabling is the process of organizing and securing the wires in your data center and any voice telecom, entertainment, security, or data wiring found throughout your office or facility. It is the backbone of your in-house network because it transfers information between servers and workstations.

How Can Structured Cabling Help?

  • Make upgrades easier – With a carefully planned and organized cable structure, SNC will know exactly how and where to install upgrades to your system.
  • Increase flexibility – A structured system allows you to easily add or remove devices.
  • Less downtime – Uniform cabling will make troubleshooting your network easier in the case of an outage. This translates to less downtime and fewer dollars lost.
  • Built to code – Our specialists will make sure that your structured cabling doesn’t interfere with any other components in your building and that it is built to strict cabling standards and whatever local codes apply.
  • Look organized – If your telecommunications room or data center has tangles of wire and cabling with no thought to organization, it speaks volumes about your business.

Let SNC tackle the tangle.

Our structured cabling solutions will help you make sense of the mess.

Benefits For Data Centers

Your business will need to change with technology and the best way to embrace the new technologies is to prepare for them today. The average lifespan of cabling is 15 years which means it will last longer than the technology it connects to today. Structured cabling solutions give your business a competitive edge as you will already have the capability to use new technology. SNC will solve your structured cabling issues and make sure your facility is wired for the future. Call us today for a free consultation!