Information security creates data, use it to your advantage.

Your security network is the combination of hardware and software that prevents data loss from external and internal threats. As it protects your network, it generates an enormous amount of data about your systems, its vulnerabilities, behavioral analytics, attempted attacks, suspected malware, and other inefficiencies and issues. SNC will take this information and, depending on your service levels and needs, package it into a series of reports that we can use to analyze risk, show system weaknesses, and judge the success of your security policies and procedures.

These reports are easy to read and understand with simple charts and explanations in plain English. They can easily be used in company presentations and handouts so stakeholders in your company know that it is safe and secure from cybercriminals or be included in compliance reports to meet industry standards such as PCI compliance, HIPAA, and ISO 9001.

Here are some examples of the types of reports we can generate:

  • Risk Report – A full summary of overall network risk based on system scans. It explains every risk area and how SNC can help.
  • Site Diagram – This report breaks down and categorizes all of the assets available on the network.
  • Response report – Details how your network responded to recent security events which is helpful when assessing response windows and reduced the likelihood of future downtime.
  • IT SWOT analysis – Breaks down your network into strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This report follows a common management technique to assess risk and is easily translatable to any executive.
  • External vulnerabilities scan detail or by issue – This is a comprehensive output report that includes security holes and warnings.  This is an essential report for compliance to regulations and industry requirements.
  • Security policy assessment report – This is a detailed overview of your network policies and procedures, their effectiveness, and our suggestions for how to improve them.
  • User behavior analysis report – Shows all logins, successful and unsuccessful, by user. This allows us to find accounts that are not properly configured or users that are attempting to login to access resources that shouldn’t be able to access.
  • Data breach liability report – This report identifies specific and detailed instances of personal identifiable information and cardholder data throughout your network, where it is, and how easily it can be accessed by a hacker. It also calculates potential monetary liability based upon industry research.
  • Exchange traffic and use report – This helps us manage the email security of all individual and aggregate mailbox accounts and assess mail traffic and usage. Any data migration will start with email so this report is useful to understand the percentage your employees use.  We can also use this data to identify individuals that may be misusing their mailboxes.

Web security gets more difficult by the day.

Use the data from your security systems to strengthen your network security.

All reports are customizable

Not only can we include reports that fit the network usage of your individual organization, we can tailor them to your specific industry.  If you need reports to meet HIPAA, PCI, or other requirements, we can provide specific analytics.

Reporting can give you the overall health of your system, but perhaps the biggest benefit it brings is the peace of mind knowing that your system is working as it should and that you are receiving the most possible return on your investment.