How can the public cloud help your business? Call SNC to find out!

SNC can bring both stability and security to your network.

Cloud Computing: The New Future

Over the next few years, cloud computing will transform the way we do business. Studies have shown that as much as 80% of U.S. small businesses will be using some form of cloud computing by 2020. The initial drive to use the cloud comes from wanting to save money on servers, equipment, and data centers required to host your data yourself.

There are other benefits that public cloud computing can bring to your business:

  • Business continuity – Equipment failures and disasters can interrupt your business and cost you thousands of dollars of lost business due to downtime. Cloud services can be used to backup your data so you can be up and running quicker after a local issue. This is helpful for established businesses that have been relying on local storage for years.
  • Connect remote employees – Employees can pool together resources easier in shared, cloud-based workspaces. This allows companies to bring different and diverse personnel together to solve problems and communicate solutions. Employees can also take work home with them, work remotely, or be available when traveling.
  • Use better technology to remain competitive – Traditionally, in order to use better software to ease processes and keep a competitive edge, you had to invest in more powerful technology. Cloud computing gives you an immediate capability to use this technology to stay ahead of your competition by offering new services or to manage multiple income streams. If you provide a B2B service, the cloud can enable you to connect with your customers easily and securely to share data. Through cloud computing, data can be accessed by you easily, anywhere, all while staying protected against hackers.

Cloud computing more than a trendy buzzword.

Public cloud computing will revolutionize your business.

Popular Public Cloud Vendors

Strategic Network Consulting partners with a number of public cloud vendors to help you manage any data that isn’t a high security risk. These services can be part of a multi-cloud strategy that will allow you to combine public and private clouds. Selecting one service over another boils down to your specific needs.  Some users will use different services to perform different functions.

Here are a few differentiating benefits of each:

Amazon Web Services AWS

  • Longest operating cloud service
  • Enterprise-friendly
  • Flexible to meet spikes in demand
  • AWS Marketplace has a large number of third-party software services available

Microsoft Azure

  • Easy to integrate with existing Microsoft products like Windows 365
  • Machine learning studio allows developers to test and deploy algorithms in a simulated environment

Google Cloud platform

  • Many different pricing options available
  • State of the art security
  • Redundant data backup that stores your data in at least two regions

How SNC Will Work With You

The range of options and price scales for these cloud storage options can range greatly depending on your needs. SNC will leverage our years of cloud computing expertise to make sure that your solution is affordable and suited for the exact purpose you have in mind.