Learn how SNC can bring more value to your business and give your company the tools you need to compete.

Simplified IT solutions so you can concentrate on what is important.

How Can SNC Help You?

Business leaders come to SNC because they want to concentrate on their core business and leave the IT headaches to a trusted professional. A managed IT provider like SNC can be as general or as specific as you need. Whether it is simple, worry-free IT help or a complete system redesign, here are some ways SNC can breathe new life into your information technology.

We need to simplify how we share files, what’s the best way to do that?

For many businesses, the “best way” isn’t always the most expensive or most complex. Strategic Network Consulting offers a portfolio of secure file-sharing solutions designed to address new demands for data availability, accessibility, and protection. Our data syncing solutions help you facilitate simple “anytime, anywhere” file access across multiple platforms and devices while enforcing security and access-control policies. Because our solution is syncing your files, remember, it’s also backing them up in real-time! We back up more than just a “sync” folder. Our software syncs and backs up your Desktop, Documents, Music, Videos, Downloads and more!

Ransomware is scary, how do we keep our networks safe?

Even if you ignore all other aspects of your IT, data security, a secure system, and a complete disaster recovery plan should still be a top priority. Your company information is one of your most valuable assets, and the worst way to handle ransomware is to wait for a data breach to happen. Information security and data protection are one of our core strengths. We deploy a layered approach to security that allows you to identify and stop ransomware from affecting your system. In the case of data loss, we will restore your system exactly as it was when it got corrupted. Protecting personal information and sensitive data doesn’t need to be an expensive hassle. SNC will make your security solutions airtight from unauthorized access, help you educate your employees on best practices for avoiding ransomware and malware, and bring you cloud computing with other backup options. Your business won’t be disrupted in the event of a disaster or data loss.

What can SNC do for you?

Quite a bit!

It’s taking us longer to do simple things. We know we need to upgrade but where do we start?

It starts with a proper plan. Your IT touches every aspect of your business and the decisions you make at this critical point will impact your business for years. SNC will help you make sense of a total network upgrade, the way we do that is with a thorough IT assessment. Our technology experts will assess your existing infrastructure, your short and long-term business goals, and your expected budget to determine the best possible solution for your business. Replacing your network, implementing new systems, or upgrading your hardware doesn’t have to be a confusing, expensive process. SNC will make sure the upgrade meets your requirements and your budget, with minimum disruption.

We are on a tight budget, how can we make our IT stretch a few more years?

Most technology situations don’t require throwing everything out and starting anew. In fact, the equipment you currently have is perfectly fine for your business needs. SNC will find ways to keep your equipment working at peak performance and make it last, so you get the maximum value for your money. As your managed IT professional, SNC will make sure your physical components are able to run your software, your applications are fully updated and secure, and your processes are up to date and compliant.