The security tools are only half of the equation.

Once you have adequate network security in place, it is important to assess the weaknesses of the system and simulate attacks against it. But assessing your security is something that is easier said than done. SNC can provide the necessary skills, tools and experience to conduct a thorough vulnerability assessment or penetration test, the difficulty comes from the complexity of your system and the time allotted to do the tests.

A thorough security assessment includes both of these tests.  Although they are separate actions, they can work in tandem to gain a much better understanding of how a real cyberattack would damage your system and how much data would be lost.

Vulnerability assessments

During your security vulnerability assessment, SNC will look at the areas of weakness in your network. Our unique hardware platform gives us a full view of your entire system as well as real-time network traffic threats. This vulnerability analysis will specifically look for:

  • Missing patches
  • Outdated firmware
  • Unnecessary shared resources
  • Usage of default passwords
  • Incorrect permissions
  • Incorrectly installed web applications
  • Rogue devices

The goal is to create a prioritized list of vulnerabilities in the environment so that we can remediate any weaknesses.

Penetration testing

A penetration testing company is an outside party that engineers a simulated cyberattack against your system. These attacks are pinpoint specific and goal oriented. They can be used to target something like a customer database, payment records, or to modify records in human resources. A pen test will show exactly where a weakness lies and will give a complete report and what would have been lost had the attack been carried out by a real cybercriminal.


Periodic (or continuous) vulnerability assessments and penetration tests may be required by industry-specific standards.

  • PCI compliance – The payment card industry standards mandate that internal and external vulnerability assessments be performed at least annually, especially if your company stores any cardholder data.
  • HIPAA – A HIPAA risk assessment must include a complete technical assessment of all internal and external networks whether wired, wireless, or cloud-hosted.

Penetration and vulnerability testing aims to assess your current security environment and establish measures to detect and prevent cyberattacks.

We will take the time to make sure you have the tools necessary to handle all forms of security weakness with an easy to understand actionable roadmap for remediation.

SNC can make sure your system is air tight

Considering the amount of damage a single hacker can do to your system, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing from SNC is vital to the ongoing health of your system.

After we’ve identified all the vulnerabilities and have the results of any penetration tests that were conducted, SNC will provide you with a prioritized remediation report showing the results of all of the security tests, your level of risk, and the steps to take to close the gaps in your defenses. This actionable roadmap of remediation will be clear and easy to understand so you can make sure you know where to start in improving your security weaknesses.