Your IT is critical to your business operating correctly, make sure it is done safely and quickly with SNC.

Get your computers and phones working from day one.

Move Your IT The Right Way

Moving to a new office is a challenging process. It is a huge project that needs to be done flawlessly in a short period of time. There is a lot of pressure to reduce confusion, and perhaps most important of all, reduce the downtime for your business and disruption to your customers and employees.

Your IT is imperative to your day-to-day operations, how you plan and move your computers and networks is critical to reducing the disruption and downtime that is inevitable for every office move. This is why an IT company like SNC, who are experts in commercial office relocation, will bring plenty of value.

What To Keep In Mind When Moving Your IT

We will help you develop a comprehensive plan to get your IT dismantled, packed, transported, unpacked, and reinstalled, all according to your optimal timeline.

Here is how SNC can help:

  • Inspect the new office to evaluate its technology requirements and plan for future needs
  • Evaluate local connectivity resources
  • Develop a comprehensive moving plan that concentrates on maximizing your uptime and includes physical transport of data as well as migration
  • Dismantle your IT according to your timeline
  • Work with your moving company to make sure all IT equipment is packed and transported safely
  • Install and test your equipment at the new location
  • Provide day-one support for all users

When it comes to moving your IT to a new office, you can never start early enough.

Minimize the disruption with office relocation services from SNC.

Trust SNC

We understand the critical role we will play in your office relocation. Nothing is more critical to your business than being able to operate seamlessly once everything is unpacked and you are open for business. Moving is a large project, and we will work as part of your team to ensure plans run smoothly. If you’re planning a relocation in the future, call us for a consultation. You’ll be amazed at how much easier moving will be.