Why is it Important?

Internet security technologies are always evolving. This makes threat awareness, firewalls and security software critical to stopping network security threats like trojan horses, malicious programs, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and malware.

When an organization uses a layered approach to internet security, all parts must form a cohesive unit. This isn’t a simple process as it needs to evolve to meet new threats and multiple upgrades in software and hardware.

Security through unity

Cybercriminals are creating new ways to threaten your network security every day. SNC offers the best response to this with a unified threat management (UTM) system that will identify security threats to your network and then eliminate them.

The importance of information security and privacy policies for your business can’t be ignored. Your customers have trusted your company with their credit card and personal information, your employees expect you to be able to protect their privacy. A single computer virus on an infected computer can expose your business to liability from exposing customer data, the loss of credibility, and put your business’s reputation at risk.

A unified threat management system incorporates different technologies such as:

  • Anti-spam and phishing filtering devices – Scans incoming mail for malware and links to unsafe websites.
  • Application whitelisting – Controls which applications may or may not be used in your systems.
  • Firewalls – Restricts the access from external sources that are known to be network threats
  • Intrusion protection and intrusion prevention technology – Identifies attacks by detecting when an attacker is attempting to access your network.
  • Virtual private network functions – Designed to protect your network from eavesdropping and unauthorized manipulation.
  • Web filtering for content – Identifies unsafe URLs and scans them for security threats before an employee can access them and expose your system.

Why a multi-layered approach works?

In the past, simply installing antivirus software was enough to protect your computers from internet threats. But determined criminals will find a way around anything.  A layered approach not only protects your current configuration, but actively seeks new ways that criminals can exploit your security.

  • Flexibility of use – Many security technologies are overlapping so when one aspect of your security triggers an alert or if a cybercriminal tried to penetrate the system, you have adequate backups and firewalls in place
  • 24-7 Threat monitoring and detection – Threats can happen at any time and they can target even the most mundane parts of your network.
  • Global threat intelligence – Your system should be prepared for threats both foreign and domestic.

Why a multi-layered approach works?

This is how SNC can help.

SNC can make a difference

If your organization needs a security upgrade or a complete system overhaul, SNC can provide the perfect mix of effective products, time-tested strategy, and years of expertise. The components of your security need to be able to complement each other and work together to protect your vital company data.