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What Is A Hybrid Cloud?

Most small and medium businesses that use any form of cloud computing do so with a hybrid mixture of public and private hosted cloud alternatives. Most companies typically need to be connected to on-site IT systems. These, in turn, are connected to off-site hosted clouds for storage and to host shared business applications.

How Can Hybrid Cloud Computing Help?

  • Reduced computing costs – This is the main advantage of cloud computing. The cost of building, configuring, and maintaining a data center or adding capacity to an existing one, can be expensive. Consider the space needed, the building modifications to cable and cool the area, the servers that need to be bought and the software needed to run and integrate the new hardware to your existing system, the hybrid cloud model is a cost-effective alternative.
  • Diversify your workloads – The cloud allows you to scale your capacity. Your in house, existing servers can house your mission-critical applications while the cloud can handle the ancillary programs like word processing and financial applications. This elasticity will streamline your workloads and customize your entire infrastructure.
  • Temporary need – If your business experiences seasonal spikes, or perhaps you are going to launch a new product or open new locations, the scalability of your hybrid cloud environment allows you to distribute your computing resources in the most optimal way. Hybrid cloud solutions give you the flexibility to pay only for what you are using, saving money on IT.
  • File storage –  Sensitive data such as customer credit card information, financial and tax data, employee records, company policies, and proprietary data should be stored securely on premises. Other files that aren’t as sensitive but that may need to be used in the future can be sent to the cloud for keeping.
  • Disaster recovery – Your hybrid cloud is the perfect, cost-effective solution to recover your lost data in case of a disaster, hardware failure, or human error.

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A hybrid cloud provides plenty of options for your business.

SNC Will Empower Your IT

The IT pros at SNC will help you choose the right platform for your data and workload. We will assess your every computing needS, develop a scalable and affordable plan, and implement the solution. We will also make sure you have the appropriate management tools and access to your critical data when you need it. Cloud infrastructure will help your business reduce costs and become more flexible to have changing technology and increased business. Call us today for a free consultation!