SNC is a professional managed IT, cloud services and information technology service provider that puts the client’s needs first and gets consistent results for your Houston, Texas business.

SNC has been serving the Houston area for more than 30 years. We have seen the area grow exponentially during this time as we have seen giant leaps in technology and communications. Not only are we proud of the hundreds of successes we have achieved for our clients over the years, but we have developed a solid reputation as an outsourced IT services company that is known for excellent customer service.

When you work with SNC, you truly gain a partner that is as invested in your business goals as anyone within your company. That is because when our IT solutions work for you, when your business runs smoother, more secure, and more profitable than ever before, that means we have done our jobs well. To us, adding your company to our long list of successes and IT partnerships is a source of great pride.

Houston, Texas Managed IT

SNC has become so successful in managed IT because we take the time to focus on your business. It is common for an outsourced IT company to try to fit your company into their pre-molded IT services offerings but this only results in tension and unrenewed contracts. Our goal is to become your trusted IT partner, ready to help at a moment's notice, motivated by little more than your continued success. This is because your success is our success.

Your day-to-day challenges and opportunities are vastly different from other companies that operate in the same market. That is why a one-size-fits-all approach is the wrong way to provide managed IT services. In order to bring the most value, SNC wants to get to know you, your business, your employees, what your short and long term business goals are, and what is most important to you. We will assess your pain points, where you will most likely need improvements, and what issues you have had in the past, all to bring you the perfect managed IT solution.

Houston, Texas Hybrid Cloud Services

Cloud computing is a way for your business to get more out of its computing. Too often businesses overspend in anticipation of growth and if that growth is not met or if technology changes, they are stuck with a large IT investment and no way to use it. Cloud computing is a scalable solution that allows you the right amount of IT functionality at the right time to maximize your investment and minimize your costs. This is particularly apt for your Houston Texas based start up businesses as you gain the computing ability of a large corporation on the budget of a much smaller one.

The IT pros at SNC will help you choose the right platform for your data and workload. We will assess your every computing need, develop a scalable and affordable plan, and implement the solution. We will also make sure you have the appropriate management tools and access to your critical data when you need it. Cloud infrastructure will help your business reduce costs and become more flexible to have changing technology and increased business.

Houston, Texas Network Security

Security is a critical part of any business that uses computers or the internet. Not only is it essential to keeping your employees and customers data safe, but in many cases it is required by regulation. And, the consequences for businesses that treat safety as an afterthought are expensive and potentially disastrous.

Our security solutions are tailored to your business so you are never spending for something you won’t need. And every part of your security from firewalls, to anti-virus software, to ransomware prevention education, to penetration testing, is all geared to developing and maintaining a network that is secure from all threats. You computer system is a powerful asset, make sure it is protected with SNC.

Houston, Texas Hardware as a Service

Your Houston business has many of other expenses and if capitalizing your computer hardware is something you’d rather not want to deal with, SNC can offer you Hardware as a Service. This allows you to have the newest and best computing peripherals available and if something breaks or needs to be upgraded, we are only a phone call away, if we aren’t resolving the issue already. This is a scalable solution that easily lets you add or subtract users without the additional expense of purchasing new hardware, or storing unused equipment.

Call SNC to learn more about our people, our services, and give us the opportunity to earn your trust in providing the best-fit IT solutions your Houston Texas organization needs.