How secure do you need your environment to be?

Keep your sensitive data close-by with SNC’s hosted private cloud.

Private vs. Public Cloud Computing

For a company looking to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing, the security concerns with public cloud options may be too great to implement this powerful business tool if you are moving sensitive data into the hands of another company.In addition, public clouds might not be appropriate for hosting heavy, mission-critical workloads. Private cloud hosting solutions are a popular option to solve all of these issues.

Where public clouds store data from multiple clients on multiple servers in their data centers, private cloud services operate on a single tenant model–one client per server. You can even use existing hardware to create your own cloud environment. This brings a number of advantages over public cloud solutions:

  • Better security – Your sensitive data is stored on its own and not with data from other companies. You know where the servers are and that the proper network security is in place.
  • Better control – Your organization is in control of the cloud hardware and the environment.
  • Existing hardware – Your existing servers can be used to host your cloud platform.
  • Compliant – Some legal and regulatory requirements make it mandatory that certain data be stored within your organization.

Safety is key when dealing with sensitive data.

When a public cloud won’t do, let SNC provide the perfect in-house solution.

Only The Best Solutions

Strategic Network Consulting can bring the security and compliance of a private cloud to your business. We use only the best solutions from Autotask Workplace (AWP) and Intronis for file sharing and private cloud computing.

Private cloud hosting is a powerful computing resource that will transform the way you do business. SNC will support every aspect of your private cloud infrastructure, and help you migrate your data if needed. We will assess your current environment, allow for your individual computing needs, and forecast your usage for the future to make sure we are providing the best virtual private cloud solutions. Call us today for a free consultation!