Could your business survive a ransomware attack? With SNC you are protected.

A multi-tier strategy to protect your data.

Ransomware: A Growing Menace

Ransomware is taking a toll on small to midsize businesses across the globe. According to a report from Osterman Research, 20% of small and midsize businesses that fell victim to a ransomware attack had to shut down their operations immediately. About 17% of businesses experienced downtime of 25 hours or more. On average, each incident cost the business more than $100,000 due to downtime. Many businesses experience several attacks over the years, primarily from a user opening an attachment and having the rogue program encrypt all files across the network. SNC works with you to make sure your backups are reliable in the case of a ransomware attack.

When One Click Can Shut Down A Business, How Do You Defend Yourself?

Data backup strategy is one of the things we do best. Where most IT companies simply provide a single backup solution, we use a three-tier approach that has proven to be more effective than simply backing up software and restoring data.

  1. Workstation imaging – Using Acronis’ true image software, we will fully image and backup individual machines from workstations to servers. Computer hard drives can fail at any time, and if any piece of hardware quits, we have an exact image of it that can be restored to another computer.
  2. Offsite backup – Secondary to the local image is a virtual backup of all critical files that are stored offsite in the cloud. We use Intronis Barracuda as a software-only solution that allows us to restore your system and operate your environment remotely. This is effective in the case of a failure in your data center or a power outage.
  3. Local server changes – We create a backup of all virtual machines and servers and synchronizes it to the cloud. This allows us to roll back your servers to a previous version if needed.

Data loss can happen at anytime.

Protect yourself with data backup and protection from Strategic Network Consulting

Data Backup Is A Small Part Of The Security Equation

Our multi-layered approach to security begins with antivirus software and web content filtering to prevent these threats from ever reaching your users. We also employ advanced firewall and intrusion protection solutions to keep hackers out of your network and to protect your sensitive data. Most security incidents occur when a user inadvertently opens a malicious email attachment or clicks a corrupt link. Our comprehensive data backup strategy is designed to thwart ransomware attacks by having the option of local backups and off-site cloud backup services available allowing us to revert your system to its exact state at a point in time.

Security Starts With SNC

Security is not a “set-it and forget-it” proposition. Our experienced engineers continually monitor these tools, respond to alerts, and update configurations as new threats emerge. A hybrid of local and cloud storage offers us unlimited options to bring your system back and eliminate downtime. We also manage your entire IT environment according to best practices, ensuring that all of your systems are up-to-date and secure.

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