Cloud Services


The cloud is an apt metaphor for Internet-based IT services. Always changing shape and constantly moving, the cloud offers a highly flexible way of buying and using technology. The cloud enables you to get the tools you need quickly and easily, and pay for what you use without significant upfront investments. In fact, you’re probably already using the cloud whether you realize it or not.

SNC offers a variety of cloud-based solutions and services that provide cost-effective access to business-enabling services. From email security and malware prevention to storage and secure file sharing, SNC has built a portfolio of trusted cloud services that are proven and reliable.

We also understand that the cloud is not suitable for everything. Our experts can help you determine which applications can be moved to the cloud and evaluate the various options that are available. If we determine that the cloud is the best option for your particular needs, we will help you implement it and integrate it into your workflows.

Is the cloud right for your business? We believe the answer is yes — in the right circumstances. Let us help you determine what those are.