You’ve decided to make the jump to cloud computing, SNC will help you get there.

With the right partner, cloud adoption is easier than you think.

Reduce Your Risk

Cloud computing is a powerful business tool however, many established businesses and startups, are reluctant to do so because getting there seems to be an insurmountable obstacle. But when you find a trusted partner like SNC, you can avoid many of these obstacles:

  • Downtime – Downtime costs money, and it is difficult to estimate how long your business networks will be down when you plan to migrate. A carefully planned and expertly executed migration shouldn’t result in any significant downtime. Many techniques allow for parallel operation while the new environment is being tested.
  • Security – Each provider has different levels of security, some may not be enough to mitigate your risk. A trusted cloud migration professional will know what services have the security policies that meet or exceed those found in your data center.
  • Compliance – Certain compliance requirements can limit the data you choose to move to the cloud. A skilled professional that knows compliance requirements will help you plan a compliant solution for your sensitive data.

Struggling with your move to the cloud?

The IT pros at SNC will make it a seamless transition.

The Cloud Migration Strategy For You

Moving your workloads to the cloud requires clear planning, a thorough understanding of your business requirements, and concrete goals for success. Change is always difficult, and risks always come with change, but with the right partner helping you, your transition to the cloud can be easy and seamless.

SNC has helped dozens of businesses take advantage of all the benefits the cloud has to offer. We will assess your business, interview your employees, and gain a clear understanding of your needs. Then we will develop a clear plan and timeline for moving your data to the cloud. This will be done in the least intrusive way possible to reduce the impact of downtime due to business interruption. We will also plan for and mitigate all risks associated with data migration. Once we are finished, we will test the new environment and support you as needed.

Migrating to the cloud doesn’t have to be a costly hassle. With SNC, you can be enjoying the benefits of cloud computing sooner than you think. Call us today for a free consultation.