The experienced security professionals at SNC have the best medicine for your computer viruses.

Protection and performance go hand in hand.

There Is Always A Threat To Your Business

Without the right precautions, the internet can be a dangerous place, particularly to a small to medium-sized business. Protection against viruses and malicious software (malware) has grown to cover a much wider variety of threats, including worms, Trojans, ransomware, hijacks, spyware, and more. Most viruses are transmitted through infected emails or when a user enters a corrupt website. The threat to your network multiplies with every workstation you add.

This is why antivirus and intrusion protection is a basic aspect of network security and standard to our managed services package. We will make sure this basic protection is up-to-date so your network can counter all the latest threats.

The average cost of a cyberattack on a small business is $80,000.

Can you afford not to protect your business?

How SNC Protects Your Business Computers

Basic Protection

Our basic antivirus protection comes from WebRoot which is a secure, scalable antivirus program that can be installed on your multiple business computers. It has the security features your business needs to keep safe, including password management, mobile security, and identity and privacy protection on top of award-winning intrusion detection and prevention. WebRoot offers no software conflicts, real-time anti-phishing monitoring, and online management.

Advanced Protection

If your company needs advanced anti-virus services, we offer Carvir and SentinelOne. These add-ons provide advanced endpoint monitoring and threat detection, SOC monitoring, and remediation services to stop active threats and minimize harm if they find a way in. This software isn’t normally available to smaller businesses, but since we’re a partner, we can leverage their 24/7 support. The benefit is an extra set of eyes and the professionals to keep your mission-critical machines safe and protected.